The Dune Group
“That’s AMAZING!!! Thank you so much chaps for all your hard work. Thanks.”

Kate Smyth, The Dune Group

jwt inside
It was an honor to go through this experience with such talented, dedicated and passionate team members.  A Big Shout-Out, Round of Applause and THANK YOU to all of those involved.

Dave L, JWT Inside

Thank you again for all your help. It was a pleasure working with you and the team

Daniel M, ION Marketing

Just wanted to give a shout out to your team – they went above and beyond for us today. We highly appreciated it.

Jaime M, HomeServe USA

“Dave and Libby run PRDXN, a highly trusted, extremely reliable, and affordable creative agency that's been a tremendous help to FYI Direct for landing page builds, banner design and versioning, and a host of other production services.”

Jeff Paradise, FYI Direct/Vertrue

“I was very happy with the level of communication, the speed to delivery and the flexibility that the PRDXN displayed throughout the project.”

Danielle Little, Big Spaceship

“The guys at PRDXN have worked really hard and have managed to deliver ahead of the agreed deadline.” (sic)

Nathalie Gavet, Baobaz

Sony Music Global-1
“After an awe-inspiring effort by everyone...The site we turned out is fantastic and the turn-around time was unprecedented. Thank you VERY MUCH to everyone who contributed, worked late, worked early and generally showed off our amazing chops!”

Bruce Hartley, Sony Music Global

“QUALITY: Very Good | SPEED: Very Good | COST: Excellent | COMMUNICATION: Excellent | PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Excellent.”

Scott Maryan, Cimex

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