"I'm very pleased with the structure of PRDXN team currently - work gets done to specification, and the team always asks good questions to clarify requirements."

Jason A, Lapine

"Libby and Anurag have been a real pleasure. In fact, the entire team for the Unniti project has been a delight to work with. I look forward to many successful engagements with PRDXN."

Tyler J, Arctos

"They are conscientious, very knowledgeable in their technical disciplines, professional, and a joy to work with."

George S, Crain's Adage

"PRDXN team has been instrumental in bringing our product to life. It's been one of the most fulfilling things I've worked on. Thank you again for your hard work! You all are doing an incredible job."

Sabrina A, ClearForMe

Conde Nast
"AJ, John, and Jonas, of our creative services firm PRDXN, are responsible for our shiny new show logos and episodic key art identities. Our video content has never been presented so well—that's all due to the incredible design sense of really talented folks who worked incredible hard under very, very tight deadlines."

Matthew D. Conde Nast, NYC

"I've been really impressed with the outcome on (the) events site. The team is very proactive and the communication is great. All the folks I've been working with have been good, I wanted to pass along special kudos to the team."

Audra M, The Economist Group

Sony Music Global-1
“After an awe-inspiring effort by everyone...The site we turned out is fantastic and the turn-around time was unprecedented. Thank you VERY MUCH to everyone who contributed, worked late, worked early and generally showed off our amazing chops!”

Bruce H, Sony Music Global

"Jonas (NY) is like a Swiss Army knife; he has helped me solve all kinds of problems and can help you get the most out of your work with the team. One of the great things about working with is that they already get us and our new ventures (team). They can already navigate things that we’d have to handhold any other contractor to get through."

Devin H, PwC

McLaren Agency
“Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for pushing the website online. The client is very happy with the outcome. You guys are truly beyond expectations :-). Amazing work, thank you again.”

Madeline M, McLaren Agency

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