The Client

Trusted Family came to us to redesign and rebuild their website, which was used to inform potential customers about their “technology and advisory solutions for families in business.”

A significant part of Trusted Family’s offering is their purpose-built, modular and secure online platform. This, coupled with their family business expertise, equips them to deliver platform-based advisory services across communication, education and societal strategies–the three key drivers of cohesion.

Trusted Family is headquartered in Belgium and has offices in New York and Singapore. The company caters to over 90 clients (“families”) in 25 countries. Families have signed up for Trusted Family’s services as a central force in keeping their family together and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the family office.

What They Needed

Trusted Family’s previous site didn’t reflect their recent rebranding effort, performed by KitchenNY. Their site needed to be updated to incorporate their new brand guidelines and reflect an image of sophistication, trustworthiness and tech savviness.

Other problems included that it wasn’t easy or user-friendly to administer, in terms of adding, editing or deleting site content, text and imagery; was neither tablet nor mobile friendly (not responsive); didn’t incorporate any marketing tools or CTA (call-to-action) techniques to generate significant interest or customer leads; and fell significantly short in terms of their customer-leads target.

Still, Trusted Family didn’t want to look just like a technology company or like it was selling two separate things: product and advisory. The two offers are fully integrated, and this had to be communicated effectively.

Further, Trusted Family also had to make clear to its clients that it provides technology plus family-business expertise together. This integrated approach makes it unique.

The Solution

PRDXN began by getting further details about the problems Trusted Family was looking to solve through redesigning and rebuilding their website. Where possible, PRDXN translated these problems-slash-requirements into user definitions and user stories (to get to the heart of the “who, what, and why”):

  • As a <type of user>
  • I want to <see or do xyz>
  • So that <reason/purpose/goal>

After getting more information and performing an information architecture analysis, we started on wireframing, designing and development planning, before beginning with the required development and testing activities. These were always performed with a focus on the user stories we had mutually agreed we needed to solve for. Regular check-in and review points were established with the required stakeholders (along with ongoing, active conversations via Skype), and Trusted Family had insight into our Scrum-schedule progress at all times via email, Google docs and GitHub.

“If you define the problem correctly you almost have the solution.”

Steve Jobs

The Results

The end-result included:

  • A responsive and easy-to-administer WordPress website.
  • A “Family Cohesion Tool”: A short and easy-to-complete self-assessment-slash-benchmarking tool to highlight areas for improved “family cohesion.” An alternative approach to simply capturing customer leads.
  • A clean, sophisticated and modern design and UX.

The launch of the website coincided with Trusted Family’s Board Meeting in Brussels as well as the publication and production of other materials that the Trusted Family team would be using in its communications (e.g. business cards, letterheads).