The Customer

ClearForMe (C4M) is an online database created by PRDXN that provides access to software-as-a-service (SaaS) listings for eCommerce cosmetics retailers. The website ultimately connects online shoppers with C4M clients offering cosmetic products that are compatible with the specific health requirements of individual shoppers.

The company CEO approached PRDXN in hopes of developing a way to help those with allergies and other health issues locate products that would not conflict with their specific conditions.

What They Needed

The CEO and Founder began to recognize the need for a just such a progressive search tool from her personal experience. Her own skin allergy stimulated her to find a way to enable online shoppers to thoroughly review the ingredients in dermatology products.

Her research led her to the conclusion that ingredient terms such as “fragrance” do not disclose the chemical composition that would enable someone with an allergy to determine whether that product was suitable for them. Furthermore, the ingredient “formaldehyde” is often disguised by up to 12 different synonyms and Vitamin C has over 35.

The goal was to enable C4M’s eCommerce clients to “tap into” their proprietary database (of product ingredients along with their synonyms and definitions) via an API.

The Solution

We gathered a team of engineers specializing in API development, Node.js, MongoDB, along with manual QA/testers, a project manager, and assistant product manager to build a solution. We recognized that we had to come up with a way to associate literally hundreds of ingredients with the more common (and often less toxic-sounding) names that cosmetic producers utilize to make ingredients sound palatable. Since the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) does not require a particular name or chemical composition be listed, there was no centralized government ingredient list to consult.

The completion of our first engagement/project with C4M was tied to the client’s “first launch” of their C4M product/service for a well-known, well-respected, eCommerce “clean beauty” brand.


“Gratitude helps us to see what is there instead of what isn’t.”

Annette Bridges

The Results

PRDXN built the product, including the API technology, that C4M needed. As a result, C4M is able to help clients provide their eCommerce consumers with a shopping experience they can trust; enabling consumers to garner deeper insight into the ingredients within the products they’re buying.

C4M was extremely happy with the results of PRDXN’s efforts and the support our team provided.

The following PR articles were generated around C4M’s first product release, which PRDXN was proud to help make happen: