The Customer

Lovesac is a unique furniture company that sprang from the mind of teenager Shawn D. Nelson back in 1995. In 2005, Nelson won Fox’s Rebel Billionaire reality show; proving to billionaire Richard Branson that he was the most qualified (out of 16 contestants) for the job of President of Virgin Worldwide.

From that ambitious beginning, Lovesac has progressed to become an international seller of patent-pending furniture that’s comfortable, customizable, washable and perfect for family rooms across the globe. Best known for its namesake “Lovesac” beanbag, as well as patent-pending “Sactionals” (sectional couches), the company is the quickest-growing furniture store in the U.S. and counts both everyday folks and celebrities as loyal customers.

What They Needed

Lovesac needed help in making the transition from being entirely dependent on a third party to being independent.

They also needed the ability to make decisions about who they wanted to work with, and in what capacity, for maintaining and enhancing their site,

The Solution

Our first step involved understanding the existing site architecture for through a detailed site audit focused on understanding the following:

  • Magento Enterprise standards and conventions followed
  • Site security
  • Site performance and speed
  • DevOps status (Git workflow procedures in place, environments (staging, development, live) in place, etc.)
  • User experience issues and bugs

After delivering our audit results, we made it a priority to assist Lovesac in “fixing” their live, development and staging/QA environments. This involved setting up a development and staging/QA environment afresh on AWS (previously they did not have these environments) and moving the live environment from Rackspace to AWS.

In both cases, we produced detailed documentation to support the environment setups and move. We also provided the necessary QA test cases to be used after the environment configuration, and we performed the necessary QA testing to verify successful environment configuration.

We then produced thorough documentation regarding’s site configuration details (including modules being used, etc.), as well as ongoing and expected Git workflow procedures for the site.

Finally, we supported Lovesac from a QA testing and fixing perspective.

“Blame is not for failure, it is for failing to help or ask for help.”

Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO of Lego

The Results

The Lovesac team is no longer dependent on any third party for maintaining or enhancing their site.

As a result of our engagement, and the education we passed on throughout the process, they now have dedicated resources operating more efficiently and effectively.

PRDXN continues to remain a trusted resource bandwidth partner for Lovesac.

Since supporting Lovesac with the above “Solution”, our team has been engaged to assist the Lovesac team with the implementation and integration of NetSuite’s mPOS solution, as well as automating test cases for the site with Selenium.