The Customer

TimesPro is an education initiative of the Times of India Group that’s aimed at revolutionizing professional education.

TimesPro focuses on creating modern and dynamic educational and training programs across various, large-scale industries, with the goal of enabling Indian youth to get the necessary skills and knowledge to be gainfully employed. This corresponds with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious Skill India mission launched in July 2015 (expected to be a mass campaign involving the youth to encourage them to take up skill and vocational training to improve their employability).

TimesPro sees the need for prepared, employable youth and serves that need through courses after graduation. Graduate to professional – that’s TimesPro’s vision.

What They Needed needed improvement in site design, functionality, and content administration.

The look and feel of the previously developed website was somewhat outdated, and the site’s architecture and content administration facility (CMS) was not built with long-term maintenance or scalability in mind.

TimesPro also needed help in managing their social media presence.

The Solution

Understanding TimesPro’s key objectives, including the need to increase course sign-ups and organic site visits, PRDXN did a site, digital-marketing, and social-media audit. PRDXN presented the audit results to TimesPro, and through joint discussions regarding priorities, moved forward with prioritising a site redesign and rebuild.

PRDXN’s solution included:

  • Documenting the needs of the various site users and establishing an Information Architecture (IA) to ensure users would be able to find what they were looking for with greater ease
  • Redesigning the site paying careful attention to the IA analysis as well as visual hierarchy design principles
  • Adding slick CSS3 animations to give the site a more dynamic look and feel
  • Rebuilding the site from scratch; implementing a client preferred and content administrative user-friendly CMS, Joomla
  • Shifting the site to AWS (for greater flexibility in management and maintenance)
  • Rewriting the site content for improved readability and SEO
  • Creating landing pages to optimise keywords and organic site visits
  • Creating and executing on a social media plan aimed at increasing organic site visits and brand engagement

“Scrum team members avoid siloed ‘not my job’ thinking.”

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The Results

Within our first year of engagement, PRDXN helped TimesPro achieve the following milestones:

  • Organic Search increased by 180%
  • Bounce Rate decreased from 60% to 36%
  • Course Enrollments increased by more than 100 per month
  • Facebook Likes increased from 2k to 86k+ (overtaking TimesPro’s nearest competition in India)

Due to our work, TimesPro offered to publish the following article on the popular (among Indian advertising professionals) afaqs! website: TimesPro, India, connects with Digital Agency ‘PRDXN’ to launch its mobile-responsive educational institute website.

To quote TimesPro’s CEO Mr. Deepak Lamba, “I am happy to report that PRDXN’s improvements to TimesPro’s website has resulted in a significant increase in course enrolments since it’s re-launch, which is exactly what we were after (when we engaged with PRDXN).”