Experienced Software Engineer

Location: Thane West.


Your Role

Experienced Software Engineer aka Senior Tech Lead (or alternative title as per candidates experience/preference).

Support your team-mates and clients with brainstorming, problem solving and R&D activities related to the development work that needs to be completed. Continuously push the boundaries for yourself, and your team-mates, within the technology domains you’ll be working in.

Uphold quality standards with regards to code and development execution. Be an example for others to follow and enable others to do the same.

Ignite a passion for self-learning and self-growth amongst your team-mates. Determine when to facilitate & council vs. direct/give instructions to be followed.

Your Background/Experience

At least 4+ years work experience with strong object oriented programming skills using languages like Javascript **OR** PHP.

DevOps/Continuous Integration and Automated Testing experience of at min. 2 years (ideally).

Experience in solution architecting and solution design.

Familiarity with cloud native architectures (IaaS/SaaS/PaaS) in developing solutions.

The ability to create and/or support custom modules (coded for common functions) for Automation, DevOps, Testing.

Programming in SQL (or alternative) and working with large relational databases/ NoSQL/ columnar databases.

Linux and different command line tools. Proven ability to work in teams and intercultural environments as well as flexibility to work with team mates in different time zones.

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Job Requirements

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