Currently Hiring for: 1 Senior Tech Lead

What we’re looking for YOU to bring to the table…

  • Real-life execution experience in solving for problems with the most efficient (speedy & cost-effective) and effective (quality) people and technology.
  • You’re totally comfortable with communicating and establishing positively influential relationships with predominantly Western customers; tech-savvy and not so tech-savvy.
  • You enjoy reading and reading-widely. You are particularly interested in the subjects of innovative and trending technologies, evolving social behaviour, and industry-relevant tools & processes that have the potential to increase the quality of work/outputs, and speed of delivery.
  • Critical: Experience in applying and testing what you’ve read/seen. And the ability to talk to such experiences with conviction.
  • The coding prowess of Neo in the Matrix, which you continuously put to the test by actively “playing with” and testing innovative and trending technologies, tools & processes.
  • Experience in overseeing teams (10+ people) and ensuring that they’re fully aware of what’s expected of them on each and every project, in terms of HOW to “wow” customers (external and internal).
  • Being second only to Sherlock Holmes with the ability to quickly and confidently understand the strengths and weaknesses of your direct reports/team.
  • The ability to inspire respectful and goal-oriented debates amongst project teams on the solutions options that exist for the problems to be solved.
  • Experience in putting the right people and processes in place to consistently “wow” customers (external and internal); including feedback and inspection (aka audit) processes.
  • The humility to constantly keep improving the people, processes, and tools you’ve put in place (with the goal to “wow” customers even more).
  • The ability to lead and inspire a team to always be seeking new and bigger challenges.
  • You’ve worked for a boutique company/outfit.
  • You’ve worked in an established/larger organisation before/after working for a boutique company/outfit (ideally before).
  • You’ve worked on projects for customers that are Western/foreign. I.e. American, Australian, and/or British.
    1. Ad agencies, tech start-ups, publication houses, and/or entertainment companies (or similar).
  • You’ve worked on the following types of projects:
    1. Websites (Numerous)
    2. Custom Web Apps (at least 2)
    3. Mobile Apps (that are live/in the Google Play and/or Apple store) a definite bonus
  • Since you started working, you’ve held the job title of either “Developer”, “Software Developer”, “Lead Developer”, “Tech Lead”, etc. Right now, you probably hold the title of “Tech Lead”, “Senior Tech Lead”, or similar equivalent.
  • You have experience in various open-source technologies, tools and frameworks, but you have deep experience with, a select few. See below, “Technologies”: a non-exhaustive list of what we work with today.
  • With the select few of open-source technologies, tools and frameworks that you have experience with, you have actively contributed to the open-source community and can (and will) easily share links to your contributions.

Your career path at PRDXN: Those with exemplary performance records (behavioural and technical) will eventually move into more senior role in the organisation, i.e. CTO (Chief Technology Officer).


Job Requirements

Job CategoryDeveloper
Work ExperienceMinimum 4 years
Development Skill SetTechnologies: Here’s a non-exhaustive list of what we work with today. We don't expect applicants to have experience with everything on this list AND we expect this list to change frequently as we read, apply, and adapt. JavaScript, GitHub & GitHub Flow, CSS3 & CSS Frameworks (e.g. Foundation, Blueprint, etc), CSS Preprocessors (e.g. PostCSS and Sass), React, Vue.js, Ember, or any other nifty front-end frameworks, Grunt, Gulp Node Frameworks (Express, RESTify), API Standards (JSON API, GraphQL), Docker, Vagrant Data Storage (SQL, NoSQL Redis), Amazon Web Services (Lambda, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, ElastiCache, SQS, S3), Continuous Integration (Travis, Jenkins), CDNs and Caching, PHP & PHP Frameworks (e.g. Symfony 2, CakePHP, or Codeigniter, Open-source CMS/eCommerce Platforms (Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Shopify)
Must HaveSee above
Schooling PreferenceN/A

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