Front-End Developer

Front-End Developers: 3+ years experience


  • Current or previous digital marketing agency experience is a must – especially with sites built for USA or UK clients.
  • 2+ years of front-end focused web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
  • 2+ years of mobile web development with a strong understanding of mobile browser capabilities – MOBILE WEB IS MOBILE WEB/it is NOT MOBILE APP.
  • 2+ years of responsive, ideally mobile-first, development.
  • Define and enforce organizational coding standards, perform code reviews.
  • Assist in bootstrapping projects across multiple teams.
  • Act as a mentor by leading other developers and provide expertise across multiple projects.
  • Ongoing research of new technologies, frameworks, and best practices.
  • Provide thought leadership and knowledge sharing across the FE team.
  • Extensive experience with a CSS pre-processor (e.g. Sass).
  • Extensive experience with cross-browser compatibility.
  • Experience with at least TWO grid systems (eg. Bourbon Neat, Bootstrap).
  • Knowledge of JavaScript and CSS animation techniques.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of client-side performance analysis and optimization techniques.
  • Demonstrated use of vector graphics.
  • OOP experience, preferably with JavaScript.


  • Experience with back-end integration and server-side templating.
  • Experience with client-side templating (e.g. Mustache.js, Handlebars.js).
  • Experience with task runners (eg. Gulp).
  • Experience with client-side JavaScript MVC frameworks (e.g. React.js, AngularJS, Vue.js).
  • Experience with Node.js (Express).
  • Experience with both AMP and PWA.


  • Photoshop
  • InVision
  • Illustrator
  • Sketch

You will continuously be exposed to/learn from:

  • An international management team focused on customer service, execution efficiency, and quality.
  • The Company’s built-up knowledge and experience regarding successful web/mobile-execution.
  • Development & DevOps best-practices from the USA (and other international Clients).

Your Career Growth:

Those who perform well, and show an “OWNERSHIP” like attitude towards their work/the work of their teams, will be asked to move into Senior (including Management) roles within the Company.


Job Requirements

Job CategoryDeveloper
Work ExperienceMinimum 2 years
Development Skill SetHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sass, Bourbon Neat, Bootstrap

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