Senior Tech Lead

Currently Hiring for: 1 Senior Tech Lead

Your role: 

  • Have a great attitude, fantastic communication, and experience working in or with startup-like projects/Clients.
  • A TEAM PLAYER. You’d prefer that the team get recognition than YOU personally get recognition.
  • Passionate about development. Always interested in “what’s happening now” and furthering your development skills.
  • Familiar with the product/app development process and have experience working with teams of project managers, UX designers, other developers and testers.
  • Eager to find a company where you can explore and grow your management/leadership skills by leading, overseeing, and guiding a team of developers.
  • Look for a long-term/stable position, where you can contribute to the growth of a great team/company, as a Senior Tech Lead, and potentially future CTO.
  • Love (and are good at) all types of problem solving.
  • Ability to communicate and explain technical concepts to non-technical team members and Clients.

Your career path at PRDXN: Those with exemplary performance records (behavioural and technical) will eventually move into more senior role in the organisation, i.e. CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

Job Requirements

Job CategoryDeveloper
Work Experience6 Years
Development Skill SetsExperience in Javascript, Back-end Development (LAMP) and MVC experience, Git (GitHub or BitBucket) & DevOps experience
Must HaveSee list above
Schooling PreferenceEnglish Medium

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