• integrity
    INTEGRITY: We do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

    PRDXN Core Values #5

  • proactiveness
    PROACTIVENESS: We make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen.

    PRDXN Core Values #6

  • transparency
    TRANSPARENCY: We ensure that all the information we have is made easily available.

    PRDXN Core Values #4

  • prdxn_core_value_ownership_v1
    OWNERSHIP: We take ownership for driving decisions, actions and results.

    PRDXN Core Values #3

  • prdxn_core_value_team_spirit_v1
    TEAM SPIRIT: We work on establishing positive and productive relationships.

    PRDXN Core Values #2

  • prdxn_core_value_respect_v1
    RESPECT: We give respect, to get respect.

    PRDXN Core Values #1

  • tempo1
    Thank you for your patience, your hard work and the teams efforts to find solutions to all issues that presented itself. I appreciate it.

    Boris B, TEMPO Strategic

  • hsusa_water
    Just wanted to give a shout out to your team – they went above and beyond for us today. We highly appreciated it.

    Jaime M, HomeServe USA

  • jwt3 (2)
    It was an honor to go through this experience with such talented, dedicated and passionate team members.  A Big Shout-Out, Round of Applause and THANK YOU to all of those involved.

    Dave L, JWT Inside